Stove Enamel/Wet Paint Versus Powder Coating

Stove Enamel/Wet Paint Versus Powder Coating 650 366 Arena Protective

At Arena we specialise in both powder coating and wet paint/stove enamel processes. With that in mind, we are able to recommend the most suitable finish based on the client requirements.  The following information is an honest and professional opinion and is based on our expertise and experience gained over many years within the industry.

The “pros” of Stove Enamel/Wet Paint

  • Excellent durability and lifespan in any environment due to its corrosion resistant properties
  • Can be applied to a wider range of materials
  • Paint match to any color
  • Can be easily touched up
  • Multiple colours can be used on one item

The “cons” of Stove Enamel/Wet Paint

  • More expensive than powder coating
  • It takes a little longer to achieve the finished product
  • Not as environmentally friendly, however, there are products in the market which offer a greener alternative

The “pros” of Powder Coating

  • Quicker process than Stove Enamel / Wet Paint
  • Powder is cheaper to purchase rather than wet paint and is, therefore, the cheaper option
  • Provides a thicker coverage per application
  • Applied correctly can hide substrate imperfections in fewer coats
  • Good for high-volume batch work

The “cons” of Powder Coating

  • Once the surface is broken the powder coating will fail over time. How fast this happens depends on the conditions/environment the item is situated. For example, once water gets behind the surface it will start to peel and that process is then irreversible.
  • Touching-up is difficult
  • Costly when it comes to small batch work if a custom-colour is required
  • Powders cannot be mixed
  • Low paint build cannot be achieved (less than 6 mil)

In conclusion, our opinion would be that if you have high-volume batch work, used internally and not in the outside elements, powder coating is a suitable finish.

If you want a highly durable finish with the peace of mind that your items will stand the test of time in any environment then stove enamel or a wet paint process is a must.

To discuss your individual project and the finish which is appropriate for your requirements please contact us.